10 Must-Read Viking History Books for a Deep Dive into the Past


The Viking era, spanning the late 8th to the early 11th century, stands as an intriguing chapter in the annals of human history. To fully grasp this period, it’s vital to immerse oneself in a varied collection of Viking history books that accurately portray their lifestyle, their voyages of conquest, and their enduring global influence. This article curates an exhaustive exploration of the top Viking history books for a comprehensive insight into this distinctive epoch.

Viking history books

1. The Age of the Vikings by Anders Winroth

An essential read for any Viking admirer, ‘The Age of the Vikings’ by Anders Winroth challenges the stereotypical depiction of Vikings as merciless savages. Instead, it illustrates their refined culture, underscoring their competence in commerce and exploration.

2. The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings by Lars Brownworth

‘The Sea Wolves’ probes into the Vikings’ maritime adventures, disclosing how they employed their superior naval know-how to explore, trade, and dominate. Brownworth’s storytelling technique keeps readers engaged as he unravels the Vikings’ exceptional sea voyages.

3. The Vikings: A History by Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson’s ‘The Vikings: A History’ provides an intricate account of Viking civilization, encompassing their traditions, religious convictions, and social hierarchy. His compelling narrative interweaves historical data with captivating myths and legends, producing an engrossing read.

4. The Viking World by James Graham-Campbell

‘The Viking World’ distinguishes itself among Viking history books with its insightful examination of archaeological discoveries related to the Vikings. Graham-Campbell’s study offers readers a palpable link to the past, spotlighting the artistic and technological accomplishments of the Vikings.

5. The Vikings in History by F. Donald Logan

‘The Vikings in History’ by F. Donald Logan is an academically rigorous yet reader-friendly book that delves into the crucial historical events involving the Vikings. Its thorough research and scholarly insights render it an indispensable tool for devoted Viking history aficionados.

6. The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings by Peter Sawyer

The visually striking ‘The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings’ boasts a variety of maps, illustrations, and photographs that vividly depict the Viking era. Edited by esteemed historian Peter Sawyer, this anthology includes essays by preeminent scholars in Viking studies, each offering unique viewpoints on various facets of Viking life.

7. Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga by William F. Fitzhugh and Elisabeth Ward

An accompanying book to a Smithsonian exhibition, ‘Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga’ investigates how the Vikings colonized and impacted regions like Greenland and North America centuries before Columbus. Its mix of archaeological evidence and historical narratives presents readers with a well-rounded understanding of Viking exploration.

8. The Hammer and the Cross: A New History of the Vikings by Robert Ferguson

In ‘The Hammer and the Cross’, Ferguson depicts the Vikings not merely as warriors but also as poets, lawmakers, and pioneers in international commerce. The book tracks their transition from paganism to Christianity and highlights the Vikings’ imprint on European civilization.


Each of these top Viking history books presents a unique perspective on the Viking era. Whether you’re intrigued by their maritime exploits, their societal organization, or their religious transformation, these books offer a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted Viking culture and their enduring influence on history. For those interested in further exploration of historical epochs, consider checking out these historical fiction masterpieces lose yourself in timeless narratives.

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